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Once upon a time, in a faraway meadow, the Easter bunny was feeling stressed out from all the egg painting and hiding. So, he decided to take a break and join a storytelling yoga class to help him relax and have fun! 


As he rolled out his yoga mat, the bunny began to move his body and use his breath in a helpful way. From the minute it started to the minute it ended the bunny realised how much fun it is to have a big stretch whilst listening to an egg-citing story 📚


As the class ended, the bunny felt more chill and hoppier than ever. He thanked his yoga instructor for the egg-cellent class and hopped on his way to continue his Easter festivities


So, this Easter, take a break from all the chaos of the holidays and join the yoga bunny in some yoga fun. Your little ones will feel more energised, relaxed with a spring in their step! 


So how do you sign up?

Head over to the link below to view our sessions and locations and if you have any questions at all, please drop Sarah a message.

My Mission, My Passion.

Creating Positive Minds and a Healthier Lifestyle Through Exercise & Fun

Become a Yoga Warrior | Kids Yoga Highlights | Sarah's Yoga Warriors
Sarah's Yoga Warriors

Become a Yoga Warrior | Kids Yoga Highlights | Sarah's Yoga Warriors


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About Me

I'm Sarah a qualified Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher with a passion for mental health & wellbeing. I made my dream of teaching children come true when I started my yoga journey in 2017 and created my business as Little Yoga Warriors. Little did I know this was just the beginning, in June 2019 I expanded my business to Sarah's Yoga Warriors so I could share the power of yoga with even more children of different ages.


My aim is to share yoga with as many children as I can, sharing the tools that help towards social and emotional development and to cope better in the world we live in today. 

Now delivering yoga and mindfulness for nurseries, school programmes, holiday clubs, birthday parties, family workshops, festivals, events, rainbows, brownies, 1-2-1 personal development and online on zoom.

Sarah's Yoga Warriors has over 4 years experience teaching Yoga & Mindfulness to 1000's of children and teens all around Cheshire from as little as 2 years old.



My son suffers with anxiety and Sarah has been phenomenal with him.

I couldn't recommend her enough.

My son has come on so much and he has found strategies to help him.

Fantastic sessions. They've helped him so much. Thanks and keep up the amazing work.


Year 6 Teacher

12 Week Programme

The children loved spending time with Sarah and really engaged with the lessons. She really ensured that the topic focus linked to the children's needs and school topics. They have all shown a gain in confidence since the start of the programme, not only in lessons, but also in the school day and in other contexts. We have already used some calming time and reflection techniques at the end of each day to prepare the children for going home in a positive way.

club set up

Managing Director

at Fun Fest Hartford

As a full time holiday club, we get regular children who experience long busy days. After a taster session with Sarah the only response was

'Please can she come back.

We loved it! We loved her!'

Professional, smiley and worth every penny. Yoga & Mindfulness session sorted!




Thank you for contacting Sarah's Yoga Warriors, Sarah will be in touch!

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Telephone: +44 (0) 7367 114 119


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