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Warrior Adventures

Happy Warriors

Mighty Warriors

Dancing Warriors


Yoga at this age is all about fun and discovery. Children love to follow along to a yoga story that includes make believe and play.

By choosing Warrior Adventures your child's imagination will run free while their bodies become healthy. Join in adventures, traditional tales and storybooks magically brought to life through different yoga shapes.

Your child will flow through unique poses and breathing techniques expressed in an animated way so that they experience a fun yoga style.

Sessions were closed due to COVID-19 keep a look out for activities to come or join the waiting list below to show your interest!



Starting yoga young encourages children to live a happy and healthy lifestyle and helps towards developing skills for life. 


Stretch along and play through engaging childlike storytelling, yoga games and mindfulness activities. Your children will discover the feeling of being calm and learn when to use calming techniques. 


This class will finish with guided relaxations along with positive affirmations to boost body awareness and self-esteem to create Happy & Healthy Warriors.

Sessions were closed due to COVID-19 keep a look out for activities to come or join the waiting list below to show your interest!



Mighty Warriors is a non-competitive, no judgement safe space for your child to let go and discover creative movement.


Build confidence, improve balance and co-ordination in this class as well as strengthening the body and the mind. Enjoy self care, experience calm, practise mindfulness and feel the real fun benefits of yoga.

Explore how the body stretches, twists and turns, how poses benefit your body, why it's important to practise deep breathing and different tools to help cope with emotions of everyday life.

Sessions were closed due to COVID-19 head over to our contact us link below to let us know you're interest for classes in your area.



Flowing through music and movement is one of the children's favourite classes.


Energising routines are created each week that combine yoga poses and dance moves. The perfect Friday mix.

Increase flexibility and build a strong immune system. Feel good and boost endorphins whilst improving fitness, balance and co-ordination.

At the end of this class a relaxation is included to cool the body and calm the mind after an upbeat workout.

Become a Dancing Warrior.

Sessions were closed due to COVID-19. Contact us to put your name down for the waiting list for classes near you coming soon.


Suitable for ages 3-17

If you are interested in a more personal and interactive class for your child, 1-2-1 Warrior sessions are perfect for this.


Classes will be tailor made and designed for your child (or children) to progress and look after their body in a healthy way. Expect yoga development, a calmer state of mind and increased self awareness and strength.


Mindful movement & activities are included along with learning lots of breathing and relaxation techniques that help deal with different emotions, better sleep, reduce anxiety and boost your mood to feel good and peaceful. 

30 or 45 minute options.

Craft sessions included

Singular or block bookings available.

Free Consultation 

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